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When it comes to Atlanta septic installations, there is only one Septic Company to call on and that’s AWJ Services. We do all types of installation even alternative septic systems. So when your septic system fails on you, give us a call and we’ll quickly come out to have it replaced.

We do repairs, installations and maintenance for septic tanks in the Atlanta area. We have the experience and know how that it takes in order to get the job done. We are your Atlanta Septic Company. Our extensive knowledge base will get you a septic tank that’s going to last.

Professional Septic & Retention Services

Septic Installation


Do you need someone to install a new septic tank in your yard? The low flow of a septic tank causes the waste to settle very slowly. Once the solids settle at the bottom, they remain there until the system is pumped. Any grease or other liquid types rise to the top and escape leaving only the waste. When your system cannot even do that any longer, then it’s time to call in the Atlanta septic installation experts. […]

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Septic Repair

septic system repair jackson ga

Your septic tank can break down at any time and without cause. When it does, you’ll have to scramble around to find a reputable Atlanta septic system repair specialist. If you look hard enough, you’ll find AWJ Services. We’re the septic tank experts when it comes to your tank. There’s never any repair job too big or small enough for us.[…]

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Maintenance for a septic system is minimal

Maintenance will do a lot of things for your septic system especially keep it cleaned. Pumping out the system takes the hard work of a professional septic company. Only a septic company, like the ones you’ll find at AWJ Services, will do this tough task for you.

Having your system pumped at least once a year will continue to keep it running properly. Also, having your system pumped out prevents it from needing replaced anytime soon. A long lasting septic system won’t expire for at least 20-30 years.


Alternative septic systems help to locate additional ways of waste disposal

There are alternative septic systems out there that are available to homeowners who either do not have access to public sewage or have a different type of soils that conventional systems can’t use. Call your Atlanta Septic Company for alternative systems today.

Types of alternative septic systems:

  • Aerator septic system
  • Peat moss septic system
  • Sand filter system
  • Wetlands
  • Gravel filters


When to take action

It doesn’t take much to turn your septic system into a ticking time bomb. In order to have a functional system, it’s important that you contact AWJ Services. At AWJ Services, we make your problem a top priority because we understand just how important your sewage is.

When you experience a back-up once in your life, you’ll always be well prepared to handle the situation from now on. For Atlanta septic installations and so much more, call the experts from AWJ Services. You’ll be doing your home and property a big favor.




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